FIREMAN Superhero

FIREMAN is an electronic music artist, guitarist and superhero character.

All music is released with creative commons license.

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FIREMAN is a superhero character and independent electronic artist.

His shining armor and futuristic respirator helmet inspire awe in all who witness his amazing musical powers.

The FIREMAN superhero name comes from his incredible ability to control and manipulate fire.

As a space superhero, FIREMAN harnesses the power of the stars to unleash fire bass music of epic proportions.

With his trusty guitar in hand, FIREMAN uses his fire powers to create cinematic experiences and amplify justice.

His musical style combines sci-fi spark with cinematic themes that will make you feel the energy.

FIREMAN is now ready to release fire after decades of writing and performing.

Stay tuned for new music and superhero comics, as FIREMAN battles intergalactic threats to save the universe from destruction.

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